Morning light going through leafy woods. The silent sound of wildlife. Five collection reflects the
experience of re-conquering our roots and celebrates the journey of the ephemeral and eternal beauty.
Seeking for beautiful realities and moving away from the urban notion of jewelry, this collection is inspired
by all this graceful scene. Earrings, rings, necklaces and bracelets with an irregular design get in contrast
with the Five colorful stones that decorate them. 925 sterling silver with an 18k gold plating is combined
with corundum sapphire blue, rhodolite, golden yellow, pure white, and champagne hues that twist every
piece turning it into a delicate jewel, taking on the natural beauty of wildlife.

PD Paola Sage Gold Earrings


Pd Paola Mana Gold Earrings


PD Paola Willow Gold Bracelet


PD Paola Vanilla Gold Earrings


PD Paola Willow Gold Necklace