The spiral is one of the oldest symbols of human spirituality, carved or painted into rocks from thousands of years ago. Symbol of movement and progressive development, growth, expansion, cosmic energy, symbol of the sun..Spirals have been foun in burial sites, uin vases, in jewelry, clothing, weapons… They can be seen in every aspect in nature, like the tides in the oceans, the winds, the plants, the shells. The spiral phenomenon has been explained thought mathematics from the time of Archimedes, the great Greek mathematician

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Spiral Spinner Ring – 925 Sterling Silver and 14K Gold

510,00 433,50

Blue Spirals Spinner Ring – 925 Sterling Silver and 14K Gold

525,00 446,25

Spiral Phaistos Disc Blue Opal Bracelet – Sterling Silver

170,00 127,50

Spiral Ring with Cubic Zirconia

47,00 39,95

Blue Opal Spiral Necklace – 925 Sterling Silver

198,00 148,50

Spiral Cufflinks – 925 Sterling Silver and Gold Plated

85,00 72,25

Spiral Cufflinks – 925 Sterling Silver

89,00 75,65

Spiral Pendant – 925 Sterling Silver

92,00 78,20

Spiral Opal Ring- 925 Sterling Silver

82,00 61,50

Lapis Lazuli Spiral Necklace- 14K Gold and 925 Sterling Silver

645,00 548,25

Greek Key Spiral Link Bracelet – 925 Sterling Silver

315,00 267,75

Sterling silver leather spiral bracelet

76,00 64,60