Ancient Greece comes back to life through the jewelry of this collection. Myths, historical facts and faces, unique architectures come to life through the Greek goldsmith elaborate techniques that we inherited from our ancestors. Unique silver and gold with gemstone brings back to life Alexander the Great, goddess Athena, myth of Hercules and the Parthenon, the main monument of Acropolis which is the highest architectural structure that brings admiration worldwide for centuries.

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Poseidon Trident Pendant – 925 Sterling Silver

82,00 69,70

Evzonas Cord Necklace

160,00 136,00

Winged Victory of Samothrace Cord Necklace

196,00 166,60

Caryatid Cord Necklace

156,00 132,60

Ionic Column Cord Necklace

160,00 136,00

Aphrodite of Milos Cord Necklace

168,00 142,80

Hermes God Cord Necklace

168,00 142,80

Rosary Necklace with Stones and Cretan Bee

66,00 56,10

Rosary Necklace with Sterling Silver Cretan Bee Pendant

90,00 76,50

Double Ram’s Head Cuff Bracelet

65,00 55,25

Lion Cuff Bracelet – 925 Sterling Silver and Gold Plated

65,00 55,25

Alexander the Great Cuff Bracelet – 925 Sterling Silver Gold Plated

220,00 187,00

Phastos Disc Cuff Bracelet Sterling Silver Gold Plated

220,00 187,00

Medusa Bracelet Handmade Cuff Silver 925

924,00 785,40

Sterling Silver Chain Bracelet with the Ancient Rodax

47,00 39,95

Vergina Sun Ring – Sterling Silver Gold Plated

153,00 130,05