The History of March Bracelet (“Martaki”)

March 1st marks the arrival of spring and in Greece there is a tradition of wearing a “Martis” [Greek for March] bracelet to get protected from the sun!

A special way to mark the March season is by wearing a beautiful Martis bracelet to celebrate the arrival of warmer weather. The Martis bracelet is a reminder of history, culture, and the wonderful spring days ahead!

Most commonly, the Martis bracelet is worn from March 1st until March 31st in Greece. In some regions, Greeks wear their bracelets until the first sign of spring, or even until the end of May. When you take the bracelet off, the traditions says to tie it to a blossoming tree. This encourages the tree to bloom, as well as it invites birds to come and nest in the tree. These traditions call back to the ancient ones, in which the Greeks asked goddess Demeter for a healthy and bountiful harvest.

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Martaki Eye Bracelet – Gold Plated Silver 925


Martis Bracelet – Gold Plated Silver 925